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FAQ About Your Alaska Trip

  • How big is the boat?

    • The Steller Explorer is 43' long and certified and inspected annually by the United States Coast Guard.

    • We typically limit to 15 the number of people on our Small Group Tours on these boats though they were originally designed to carry more than 30 people.

  • What amenities are available on board?

    • The Steller Explorer has a heated cabin, bathroom, life raft, and walk around decks for excellent viewing.

    • We will provide a morning snack of muffins, scones, etc., lunch, hot beverages, water, and soda.

    • Alcoholic beverages are not provided.  Guests are welcome to bring their own, but no glass and the crew has the authority to cut off service if a safety concern arises.​​

  • Where and when do we meet you?

    • We meet guests between 7:15 and 7:30 a.m. at the large anchor in front of the harbor.  Please be ready to depart when you arrive at the meeting place.

    •  Tours run approximately from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  (Depending on wildlife, weather, and our guest's schedules.)

    • If you are going fishing you must have already purchased a license and have it ready for inspection.

  • What do we wear?

    • Layers, closed toe shoes, and rain gear!

    • Summer temperatures vary between the mid 40's (F) and the mid 70's and rain is not uncommon. Even on warm days it can be very cold while viewing the tidewater glaciers.  You will be most comfortable if you have clothes that are warm even when damp (wool sweater or polar fleece jacket) and decent rain gear.


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