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Alaskan glacier

Custom and Combination Trips

Combination Trip

This package combines the full day tour with a short saltwater fishing experience. There are several places along our route where we can make short stop to catch Rock fish.  Whales, salmon, halibut, bass, along with puffins and other auklets congregate in the same area to feed on herring and needle fish. It is not unusual to have whales circling our boat and to see puffins diving while we catch fish. This package is a favorite for visitors who are interested in seeing the Kenai Fjords' wildlife and glaciers and would also like a taste of Alaska's famous saltwater fishing.    




$380 per person plus tax & fees, includes lunch and beverages on board.

NOTE: Does not include individual fishing license.  You will need to purchase a fishing license prior to boarding the boat. 

Custom Trip

If you're looking for a custom trip, something that you can control  the where, when, and how long --we offer exclusive charters.

Our boat is perfectly set up for photography with a wide walk-around deck and large back deck.  The 43' length provides ample stability while still putting you eye to eye with the wildlife.  A custom tour allows you control over the itinerary, and the extra time to make sure you get "the shot."

Puffins, cormorants, and gulls are here aplenty.  But, if you're looking for something rarer- like a black oystercatcher or Kittlitz's Murrelet--our captains know the way.

Small kids or large family groups, health concerns, whatever it is we can address all of your needs. 


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